I just realized that this is the right time to open my new blog in english version 🙂

After I came back from the New York City Last Year 2011 to joined the campaign #Xmenhotmail with Microsoft Singapore Pte.ltd and Lenovo + 20 Century Fox. You guys can read my fantastic experience as the following bullet ( I am so sorry it’s in Thai Language – -“)


I found that HEY!! I’m kinda person who have more foreigner friends !! I wanna communicate with them !! xoxo but one thing you guys should know that it’s really hard for me to do 2 languages in 1 blog I mean in here at Pinnyforever.com . It will be really complicated for me and takes lots of times to do that which I didn’t have much time to do so, especially, in same stories and articles. However, I’ve decided to create the new blog in english version for my foreigner friends. They can communicate with me, comment me, reply me say joke around me dropping me some message and some kisses 🙂


Another reason is I wanna go more International than the present,Blogging in thai language is such a limited my fans based. I realized that more than 70% of my Blogders (Blog readers) some are from America, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia etc. and absolutely yes!! They can’t read my blog because It’s in THAI!! Y-Y oh So sad..


No more obstacles or Barriers anymore Since I create http://pinnynoy.tumblr.com for you guys 🙂 just click Follow then we get in touch all the time 🙂 just visit 🙂 I will update everyday with the short message and really cute photos of my everyday’s stories 🙂 Really Nice to Meet you WORLD. Mwuaackkk <3


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