The 4 most important skin care tips for dry skin

Does your skin feel dried out? . .

Does it look flaky or maybe red and itchy? . .

Then your skin type is dry. .

Dry skin is very normal and many people are suffering from it every day – even though a tiny change in in your everyday routine can change everything in no time. So, fight back! There are many things you can do to make your skin smooth and  . . . it’s so easy that you shouldn’t be able to find a reason not to agree on this, after reading the following tips and tricks.

Before we begin, let’s go through what causes dry skin in order to understand why we use tailored treatments to deal with the skin type.

Causes of dry skin

cause of dry skin

Most of the times, dry skin occurs because of external factors that damage the protective barriers we are born with. The natural development of oil to keep our skin soft can among other things challenges by the use of harsh soaps, cold weather and hot and long showers. Additionally, dry skin also occurs because of uncontrollable changes to the body, such as increased age, hormonal changes and a family history of dry skin.

Even though dry skin doesn’t seem to be that important to handle for many people, it’s very important to do care for your dry skin where it’s possible. If you ignore your skin challenges, it can and probably will lead to further problems. Dry skin will only become worse and harder to treat, which is another great reason to act now!

Ways to get rid of dry skin

1. In shower

get rid of dry skin

No matter how much you like them, you’ll have to skip the long and hot showers and limit yourself to take a 5 to 10 minutes bath. Hot water removes the oil from the skin faster and long showers dry out the skin. Also remember to use shampoo and condition before body wash. Strong chemicals will run over your face and body when using shampoo and conditioner and leave the skin itchy. Using the body wash afterwards will remove those chemicals and leave you with a supple and soft skin. When taking a shower, also remember to use a moisturizer. As you handle with dry skin, use a mild and soap-free cleanser and let it stay on your skin for up to five minutes before cleansing.

2. After shower

after shower

The first thing you need to do when you get out of the shower, is to pat your skin dry and not rubbing it. Rubbing can be really hard on the skin and remove parts of the moisture that leads to dry skin. After removing all the hair from your face with a towel, it’s time to moisturize. A moisturizer is absolute essential for good skin and you must always have a moisturizer available and never skip this step after taking a shower, regardless of time of the day or year.

3. During the day

during the day

Give the moisturizer a couple of minutes to dry, before you start doing your makeup. Next, apply a base primer all over you face and neck in order for the skin not to dry out and for the makeup to stay on your skin for longer. When using foundation, go for a crème based one. Use very little and if more needed, finish it up with a concealer and end with a mineral based powder. Whether or not you want to use eye makeup depends on your needs and wants and what kind of event you’re attending that day.

Secondly and most importantly – drink lots of water all day long. Water does so many great things to your body, such as keeping your skin nourished and hydrated. Aim to drink at least 2 litres a day and carry your own water supply on hand or set alarms in order to keep up the intake amount. Leading clinic for Botox can also offer some options for wrinkles and frown lines. Santa Barbara botox specialists combat these with fast and effective botox injections!

4. Before bedtime


A whole day of activities can be a little rush to your dry skin. As to that, it’s very important to clean off all your makeup and dirt that has been attracted to your skin during the day. No never ever miss a day removing your makeup and don’t forget to use a toner and moisturizer immediately after cleansing. If you need guidance, Neutrogena are offering some good rinsing products suited to treat dry skin and great directions on what and how to use skin care product for different skin types. Before going to bed, it’s important that you apply a good night cream to your face and especially because your skin will dry out during the night without. As dry skin also is prone to show fine lines and wrinkles, end the day by giving your face a boost of eye cream. People even prefer to use cannabidiol products as they have various vitamins and minerals in them which help treat various skin problems.

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