Have you ever did online shopping?
Sometimes you have so many problem with payment right?
You live abroad but you would like to order something from the local online shop because it’s cheaper?

and have you ever tried to order flower online from abroad? and find out that you cannot pay by your international credit card?

I’ve never tried before and I’ve never sent any flowers to anybody because for me sending fresh flower is not durable and the recipient cannot keep it for a long time as flowers will gone bad as well as fresh fruits and meat. Normally, I prefer to order something else or buy some useful product which the recipients can use is in the future and they can use for lifetime, bringing my gift to everywhere and everyday.

I always think ordering flowers is not a difficult things to do and it shouldn’t be any big deal until 2 days ago on 11th Dec 2014 I tried very hard to order flowers in South Korea for my friend who lives in South Korea. Apparently, I asked help from my korean friend as I cannot read korean language and mostly online flower shop in South Korea are all in korean language and cannot even guess which one supposed to be the one I can buy. At the end of the day, I made a decision and chose one bouquet from one shop with reasonable price and cute design but we found out later on that mostly korean online shop they not allow you to pay by “International credit card”. Therefore, you really need to have “Korean Credit Card” and need to be “Visa” one only. Means I need to ask help from so many people just only ordering flowers. I gave up because my korean friend doesn’t have credit card in Dubai nor in South Korea.

that evening, I kept trying again and finally I found out that one online shop allow me to pay via “PAYPAL” and also “INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD” I was so happy at that time and I also can specific the delivery date and time and I can also add “cake” , “doll”, “Fruit” or even “Chocolate” along with flowers. I can specify the color of the flowers moreover they provided delivery tracking system for customer to track delivery status which is super awesome for me.

Let’s try to order

Obviously, I made a decision right away that I will order flowers from this shop. I spent a lot of time to choose the cute one for him and finally I’ve got one.


From the screenshot below, you can notice that you can ;

  • Choose “Grade” – Basic, Upgraded, Special by add more budget.
  • Add “Cake” – There are several kind of cake for you to choose.
  • Add “Candy” – Selected candy for you to choose.
  • Earn mileage – for example ; in my case, I earned 2,700 points
  • Showing currency – in case you order from abroad, they also provided you more information in US.Dollars and EURO for your convenience to pay and calculate your budget.
  • It’s net price
  • Add to wish list in case you don’t want to order now and still making a decision.
  • Provided information like “Delivery period” mostly they will delivery within 3-4 hours on the same day.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 16.53.26

Plus, product details and every related information like order & payment guide, delivery guide are also included.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 16.59.53

Advantage to be a member

The best advantage of being shop member is you can also earn your point every time you purchase something. There will be earning points indicate below the product image and price so that you can see which product and how many points you can earn from this purchasing. They are so smart to use this strategy because customer will definitely do the repeat purchase next time as they earned points from the previous purchase.

Variety of productScreen Shot 2014-12-13 at 16.28.25

Yes, apparently, they sell several categories of flowers for every occasions e.g. bouquet, flowers in basket, in vase, in box, plants.

In Occasion like anniversary, birthday, congratulations, love & romance, wedding ceremony, funeral & sympathy, business & corporate gift, get well soon, new born baby, apology, thank you, house warming.

Or special days like christmas, valentines, mother’s day, father’s day, white day, Pepero day. You can also use filter search on the website by choosing drop down list on the left side of the main page to choose type of flowers, colors of flowers.

but the best service I’ve ever heard and it’s very good service is “UNIQUE SERVICE” their unique service is called “photo service”. Photo service is taking a photo of the item and sent to the recipient and email you on the day. This is such a brilliant service ever and it’s “FREE SERVICE” thank god.

Unluckily, I just found this free service after I finished ordering everything. Too bad . .. . .

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 16.51.44

Delivery Coverage

Most cities in South Korea are covered to delivery even in urban
Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 17.23.11


Order view

from order view page, you will see tracking status from the beginning of the process so that you can track from payment until delivery. From this screenshot, it’s in the process “Payment completed” and when the flowers is sent to the recipient the red font will be moved to “Delivery completed” 

You can also put your personal message you would like to send to the recipient on card, ribbon or both card and ribbon and this service is for free.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 17.27.16

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 17.37.32


Tracking Order

This tracking order is very useful. You just need to use your order number and your password to track.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 17.32.51


Finally! he got my flowers!

It’s a bit late more than the usual time I thought as when I checked from tracking system. It supposed to delivery before 13:00 pm but he got my flowers around 15:00pm and I mentioned “prefer pink” but it’s turned to be mostly “purple” with a bit pink hahahh but it’s ok because it’s still looks chic and modern. Thus, It’s still acceptable for me. Thank you Flower-Korea.com !


My Comments

Lastly,  even if the color of the flowers are not exactly what I want or ordered but I am still recommended as you can earn miles, fast delivery, and convenience payment with international credit card and paypal. You can pay in Euro, US dollars and Korean won. All of these made my life easier and greater. Recommended!! for everyone who lives and works abroad and want to send flowers to your boyfriend and girlfriend in South Korea. Believe me this shop can make your life easier. I am really appreciated and that’s why I need to write this article to share to all of you guys how convenience it is and I hope you will enjoy choosing beautiful gift and flower from this shop. I don’t know the shop owner or anyone in this shop but I feel really thankful to them otherwise I couldn’t send this bouquet to him as the other shops made my life so hassle. This is customer review, I didn’t get any payment or free product from this shop (at all) and I need to pay them fully price. So, no worries this is pure 100% customer review from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy! Love you guys. See you next review!

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