Hello guys!

I am back to write my blog again after I disappeared for awhile as I was travelling a lot last 3-4 months this beginning of this year (2015) and still didn’t have much time to write any blogpost about my Europe trip, Turkey trip, South Korea trip and Japan trip.

This is such a good opportunities to share good product I have been used for 3 months now. After using for awhile, It’s time to confirm to all you guys that it’ s really worth to have it! and I do recommended!

I am going to talk about EDT or Eau de toilette that we normally call. Not too many perfume or EDT that I can use as I am quite allergic to some strong scents. Thus, just only some brands that I can use and this is one of 3 I love to use.

I am talking about my childhood favorite brand which I knew since I was very young as my mother she loves this brand so much and keep buying this brand for a long time e.g. Talc, powder and etc. I think everyone knows this brand for sure it’s “Enchanteur

This is the collaboration between me and Enchanteur MENA, this EDT was actually launched officially in March 2015 and you can mostly find the product selling at so many well known department store or supermarket nearby your residential areas.

The price is not expensive at all it’s good quality and it’s actually very well made both scent and the design. It’s affordable price.

I do recommended my flatmate to try it out and she loves it so much. Last week, she went directly to the department store nearby our apartment and bought 2 boxes of Enchanteur EDT from the shelf and I don’t even need to force her to do that because the product selled itself right away once she tried mine.

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