This early February 4-7, 2016, I went to travel in Taiwan for the first time in my life. Taiwan is very close to my home country, Thailand. Thus, I never ever thought even a second to travel there when I am still working and living in Dubai because I can travel there anytime whenever I want once I move back to my home country. However, I have at least two friends living in Taipei, Taiwan right now, one is Thai another one is Taiwanese and both of them are female. So, it’s really good opportunity to visit them and also travel in the country and city I’ve never been before.

I’ve made a decision to travel in Taipei not that long just only one month before the date of traveling. The main purpose of my travel this time mostly it’s about “EATING” yes, you hear well “EATING” I am craving to eat asian food and Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai food have something in common. Also nowadays, it’s just very popular and booming these day, Thai keep traveling in Taiwan as a trend. So, it’s my turn to explore Taiwan.

“Boba milk tea” or “Bubble milk tea” is originally from Taiwan and later on it’s spreading all over Asia and other countries, and this boba milk tea is one of my favorite tea. As a top tea lover, I am always try to find very good milk tea and tea.


During 4 days in Taipei, once me and my friend walked into convenience store like 7-11 and yes, I am looking for something to drink and then I passed by the beverage section and noticed these milk tea with very cute and beautiful bottle.


The packaging is very strong, perfectly sealed and you can actually see that the bottle itself is very durable. My Taiwanese friend told me that she likes this brand because it’s very tasty. So, I bought it and tried that night.


OMG can you believe I am fans of this brand now, don’t even know the brand name because I cannot read Chinese or Taiwanese but seriously it’s so delicious and the smell is very good. It’s around NT28-30. The taste is exactly like the boba milk tea but this one is without boba or pearl and it’s so tasty.

The next day I went back to 7-11 to buy more and wish I could carry all these milk tea back to Dubai but there were just only two bottles left on the shelf. Thus, the day before my last day in Taipei, I even tried so hard to go to another 7-11 branch just to buy these milk tea. Finally, I ended up buying 5-6 bottles and carried back to Dubai with me. Because of the packaging, I could carried all without any milk tea leaking!! I do recommended!

If you guys have a chance to go to travel in Taiwan, please try, go to 7-11 and you will see this brand very easy on the shelf near the coffee, this brand also sell coffee like latte and cappuccino and etc. Also, there’s a lot of milk tea you can try e.g. Oolong milk tea, Darjeeling milk tea, Papaya milk tea (this one is so yummy) and etc. and it’s not just only tea that is very well known that is very good tea in the world but also street food and real taiwanese local food that everyone knows that is very yummy and delicious. You should not miss it after all.

Example for Darjeeling milk tea, big one 100ml. for only NT35-45


if you have any questions or want to drop me a message about my traveling and etc. You can always visit my Facebook Page and contact me there or else drop me a message below the comment box on this page 🙂 Happy Chinese New Year 2016 !


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